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An Ever-Growing Ministry
In September 1987, God once more met the ministry’s needs in a very big way. He again used the T.L.L. Temple Foundation as His agent. GODTEL received a grant for $38,811 which was used to pay off the remainder of the mortgage on the Nacogdoches property. Additionally, a loan which had been taken out the previous spring for emergency plumbing repairs and other critical needs was paid off.
For quite some time, more space had been desperately needed to accommodate the expanding functions of GODTEL Ministries. A building located at 324 East Pillar Street (directly behind the Nacogdoches mission) had been on the market for several years, and the price had finally dropped to a reasonable point for the Board of Directors to consider. Although they were reluctant to go back into debt, they could see no other alternative to relieve the crowded conditions, so the building was purchased for $35,000. In 1990, the T.L.L. Temple Foundation presented a grant of $25,000 to be applied to this building note. As in the past, GODTEL’s staff and Board of Directors had to trust that God would provide the means to finish paying for the building.
After some shelves and racks were built, the Christian Help Center (CHC) was moved into the new building. Prior to this, the food pantry had been located in a 7’x15′ hallway near the office. Men’s clothing was crammed into a corner of the laundry room, and women’s clothing occupied a room on the third floor. All of these items now occupy separate rooms in the CHC building. There is also an office area for the volunteers to work in, a room to sort and store clothes in, a bathroom/dressing room, and a single staff room. With the quantity of clothing donations GODTEL has been receiving, the CHC building often seems to be as crowded as the old facilities were!

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