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The Gentry Family EvangelistMinistry
Before Brother June accepted Jesus as his Savior in November of 1971, he had been a nightclub entertainer (among other things). A number of years ago, the Lord laid upon Brother June’s heart the desire to use his God-given musical talent as yet another form of ministry. Out of this grew the GODTEL Singers (now know as The Gentry Family Evangelistic Ministry).
Over the years, the make-up of the Gospel singing group has undergone changes, but the message has remained the same. Brother June primarily performs music that he has written, based on his experiences as a Christian in the ministry. The Christ-centered lyrics present and illustrate the concept of Practical Christianity. The music itself cannot be classified in any particular category. Some of it may have a country feel, some of it is a little jazzy, and some of it draws on Brother June’s rhythm and blues roots, while some is best described as worshipful. Brother June strives to use a musical form that is best suited to the lyrics and message of each particular song. The result is a highly unique and individual style.
One unique feature of the Evangelistic Ministry is the ability to adapt the program to many different formats and purposes. The group has performed as the opening act for nationally known Christian musicians Steve and Annie Chapman, as well as doing a number of concerts at area nursing homes. They have sung at the Pineywoods Fair in Nacogdoches, performed Christmas concerts at Rusk State Hospital and Lufkin State School, and ministered in countless churches from the Red River to the Rio Grande Valley, as far east as Mississippi and Kentucky to as far west as California.
Unlike many groups, The June Gentry Family does not charge a fee to minister in the various churches which they are invited. All that Brother June asks is that the congregation be allowed to contribute to a love offering, as God lays it on each person’s heart to do so. Contributions received through love offerings help to pay travel expenses and support the ministry to the homeless and poor.
In addition to singing, Brother June is available to preach (he’s an ordained Southern Baptist minister), give his testimony, speak about GODTEL Ministries and its various functions, teach a series on the cults, and conduct Creation Conferences. Often he is called upon to do a combination of these things in a single church service. Likewise, the group can also do a full-fledged Gospel concert. The key word is flexibility.
Another facet of the Evangelistic Ministry is the CD ministry. For a nominal donation to GODTEL Ministries, CDs of the Gentry Family’s music, as well as a variety of sermon and teaching productions of Brother June, are available. CDs are available by mail, as well as from the Gentry Family, wherever they may be ministering. See the next page for more information on the history of the recording studio, and see the catalogue for more information about CDs.

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