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God’s Ministry

God has clearly shown through the months and years that GODTEL is His ministry and that He is in control. This ministry would have ceased to exist long ago if it were only the efforts of men. We know that we are here to stay as long as the Lord wants us here. We are looking to God to meet the monthly needs, as well as to enable us to carry out the necessary renovation projects and expansion into other areas of ministry. God continues to supply finances, wisdom, love, and strength to each staff member, and He has expanded the faith of each one as He has continually shown His faithfulness to meet the needs as they are presented.
Early in the ministry, the staff joined together to ask God to only allow those people to enter the doors of GODTEL whom He chose to send. Trusting in His loving wisdom, the staff has made an effort to treat all those who come as having been sent from God (even though His purposes are not always clear to human understanding).
Not all of the people who have come to GODTEL have made the choice to exchange their lives for the life Christ offers. However, all who come to GODTEL hear once more the story of God’s love, even as they have experienced His love in action in the form of food, shelter, and a kind word.

Sharing Practical Christianity

A wide variety of people have been ministered to through this ministry including the homeless, transients, alcoholics, victims of disaster and personal tragedy, battered wives, teenage runaways, children, parolees, and probationers. These are sent to us by private individuals and various agencies including churches, the Texas Department of Human Services, sheriff’s offices, police departments, parole boards, probation offices, the Texas Employment Commission, the East Texas Women’s Shelter, the Salvation Army, the United Way office, and many others.
As of the close of 2002, GODTEL Ministries has provided over two hundred twenty thousand beds, and we have served well over a million meals. We have rejoiced to see many professions of faith in Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, we have also seen far too many reject the Gospel and turn their backs on the only One who can save them. We are saddened, but not defeated. We can only pray that the seeds we plant will someday take root and grow. Only the Lord can make that happen.
Funding for GODTEL comes primarily from private individuals. There are also around 70 area churches, representing a variety of denominations, which contribute on a regular basis. In addition, the Nacogdoches County United Way helps with the food bill (GODTEL/Nacogdoches only) on a quarterly basis. It costs approximately $20,000 per month to run the three missions. This does not include renovations or other unusual expenses.

In Conclusion

GODTEL Ministries is a private, non-profit, religious organization as defined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. We house the homeless, feed the hungry, provide clothing and household items as available and needed, and offer spiritual guidance and counseling to help meet the deep inner need of the people God sends our way. The obedience of God’s children to pray for and give financially to this ministry has made GODTEL a continuing reality in East Texas. GODTEL Ministries will continue to reach out as in the past and also expand in order to reach even more lost souls for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We will rely upon God, Who through the prayers and financial support of His children, have been faithful through the years. We are anticipating that others will join with us to feed, clothe, house, and share the Gospel message with the poor. One of our motto Scriptures comes from Matthew 11:5: “…, the poor have the Gospel preached to them.” This takes time, money, and dedication. GODTEL also publishes a monthly newsletter, which is sent to those people who have shown an interest in this ministry. GODTEL News is supported through Christian advertising. If you would like to help support GODTEL by advertising in the newsletter, please contact the Nacogdoches office so that we may be able to accommodate you. If you would like to know more about GODTEL Ministries and its various programs, please write or call us. Mission addresses and phone numbers are listed

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