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The Christian Help Cente
In January of 1986, an additional outreach ministry was begun at the GODTEL/Nacogdoches mission. Although it is a part of GODTEL Ministries, the Christian Help Center (CHC) was given a separate name to distinguish its role from that of the GODTEL missions.
The focus of the CHC is to provide clothing and other household articles to Nacogdoches County residents who have their own homes but may not be able to “make ends meet” each month. The administration simply realized that such a service was needed in Nacogdoches County, and at God’s leading, the CHC was established on faith that He would provide.

People served by the CHC are often referred by an agency such as the Department of Human Services or the pastors of local churches. Services are provided on the basis of need. Many of the people who come to us already receive welfare of some type, but it is frequently not enough to adequately provide for their families.
As each person is served, our desire is to present the Gospel message as well as clothing and household items. We provide this help because God loves them. Without Him and the obedience of His faithful servants, we could not provide these services. A Gospel tract is given to each recipient, as well as a New Testament for those who do not have a Bible. Food, clothing, and household item donations are accepted from anyone who is led to give, including individuals, churches, businesses, and civic organizations.

In the summer of 2001, God’s provision guided the staff to purchase some additional property beside the Livingston mission. In a building which previously served as the site for an Alcoholics Anonymous chapter, we established a local CHC to provide the same care in Livingston that is being provided from the Nacogdoches CHC.

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