An Abbreviated Biography of Brother June Gentry

June Gentry was born in Wiesbaden, Germany on August 8, 1947. His father was in the Army Air Corps and was stationed in Germany as a part of the occupying forces shortly after the close of WWII. At the end of his father’s tour of duty, he and his mother were brought to live in the United States, settling in Los Angeles, California.

When June was nine years old his parents divorced, and he was left in his father’s care. He spent most of his time in the wild streets of Los Angeles where trouble became his second nature and jail a place frequently visited. By the time he was 24 years old, he found himself in jail for forgery and life became very dismal.
Although it looked like he would be in jail for a long time, it was at this point in his life that he met and entered into a life-changing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. John 3:16, a verse he memorized at the age of seven during a Vacation Bible School, began to repeat itself in his mind bringing him to the realization that he desperately needed something other than himself to straighten out his life. With an attitude of humility and sincerity, he prayed a simple prayer accepting Christ into his life. God spoke to him from Isaiah 14 showing him that he would be released from the hard bondage he had been made to serve. (That Bible had been placed in his cell by the Gideons.) As always, God’s Word is true, and he was released – not only from jail, but also from the bondage of sin.

Upon being released from jail, he took his young son Michael and left California in search of a place to live in peace. He wound up in Texas, where God began to teach and grow him prior to placing him in full-time ministry. His first position of ministry (not including street witnessing) was as a Sunday School teacher at Mount Zionia Methodist Church. Then he became a teacher of comparative religions, an assistant pastor of a small Southern Baptist church, and finally, the Founder and President of God’s Open Door To Eternal Life, Inc. (GODTEL Ministries). GODTEL is a multifaceted ministry, which operates rescue missions in Nacogdoches, Lufkin, and Livingston, Texas; the Christian Help Center, which provides clothing and other household items (as available) to needy Nacogdoches and Polk County residents; and a family-oriented teaching/music ministry. In the early 1990’s, Brother June began to teach on the truths of the first eleven chapters of Genesis and the scientific evidences, which support a “young” earth (6,000 to 10,000 years old).

Since the early 1970’s when he first began to minister in official capacities, June (who came to be known affectionately as “Brother” June, so folks wouldn’t think he was a girl) has been learning to love the unlovable. First, God had to teach him that love is action and not just feelings and/or words. Based on that knowledge, he has been able to house, feed, and otherwise minister to hundred’s of thousands of people, some of whom have attacked him verbally and physically. (He definitely has some interesting stories to tell about some of GODTEL’s residents.)

In addition to his preaching/teaching duties at the three missions, Brother June performs almost all of the mechanical upkeep on all of GODTEL’s vehicles, as well as those of the staff. Although these duties keep him busy, he also takes time to do plumbing, electrical, and carpentry jobs when his help is needed. He even takes part in housekeeping and cooking duties from time to time.

When not otherwise occupied, Brother June can be found at the piano, playing, singing, and/or composing. He has loved music all his life and taught himself to play the piano when he was 19-20 years old. During his years in California, he sang professionally in nightclubs and wrote poetry and music, which generally had a message of hopelessness. One of his songs was sold to Murray Wilson, the father of the Beach Boys.

After God got control of his life, the music, which he so dearly loved, had to change somewhat, and several years passed before God would once again allow music to become a major part of Brother June’s life. But, finally, in 1978 God granted a desire of his heart, and “The Gentry Family” began to sing Gospel music in concerts from Dallas to the Rio Grande Valley. Through the years the makeup of the singing group has changed, but the purpose, to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the ministry God has given the Gentry Family, has not changed. They have presented concerts from as far East as Louisville, Kentucky and Rock Falls, Illinois to the West Coast, and points in between including New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Arizona. The family sings a mix of old hymns and new Gospel songs, many of which are written by Brother June himself. Included are songs about the Christian life, songs about children, and the love God has given a man and his wife to share.

>Brother June continues to seek God’s direction for his life, responding to invitations to sing, preach revivals, teach Creation Evidences Conferences, and minister in other ways to the needs around him. Brother June knows God has called him to operate the three missions and the Christian Help Center, and he is determined to continue their operation for as long as God leads.

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