GODTEL Productions

Another facet of the Evangelistic Ministry is the CD ministry. For a nominal donation to GODTEL Ministries, CDs of the Gentry Family’s music, as well as a variety of sermon and teaching productions of Brother June, are available.  CDs are available by phone. Call any of the three missions and they will be glad to help you.

MUSIC CD’s or tapes

“Gospel Music Old and New” ; featuring “He Set Me Free”

“We are the Family”; featuring “God Made Freckles and little boys too”

“June Gentry Family Live”; featuring “New Song”

“Contrasts”; featuring “Contrasts”

“King as He Should Be”; featuring “King As He Should Be”

“A Simpler Time” ; featuring “The Lord’s Prayer”

Preaching by Manly Beasley “Faith” and “The Overcoming Life”

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