To Believe or Not—The Choice is Yours – January 2018

She came to my office convinced she had cancer of the mouth because she had enlarging “holes” on each side of her tongue at the back of her throat. She was very worried and asked what she should do.
I felt impressed to take her to a throat specialist we have known and used for years. When I called his office, they made an appointment for her that very afternoon.
Several years ago, one of our valued workers, Rick Pensinger, developed a lump on his tongue. He was misdiagnosed at the clinic he first visited. As his condition worsened over the next few months, we decided to take him to this specialist who made a correct diagnosis and referred him to an oncologist. Rick died of cancer a while later. Remembering that, I did not want to take any chances that this young woman might be misdiagnosed and proper treatment be delayed.
I stayed with her during the doctor’s examination and asked several questions she did not think of. I was quite relieved when he said her throat was normal and the “holes” she was concerned with were tonsil concretions.
As we left his office, she said she did not believe Him, that he was wrong. I was perplexed by her attitude and assured her that we had known and trusted this doctor for over 40 years. She remained unconvinced.
God’s Spirit helped me give her an example using a person’s confrontation with the choice to believe God. The truth is that God is real and He will judge all mankind, welcoming some into heaven and pronouncing eternal judgment on those who are condemned to hell for failing to believe, trust, and obey Him. Just as we can choose to believe the truth about God or reject it, she could choose to believe the doctor who had been trained and working in the field for decades or she could believe her fears and allow Satan to torment her with doubts.
When we returned to the mission, at her insistence, I did get a flashlight and looked into her throat with a promise to look at it again in a month or so to compare the size of the “holes.”
We talked awhile longer and I prayed that she might know the truth, for as John 8:32 affirms, “the truth will make us free.” Untruth deceives us and puts us in bondage to lies, but accepting and walking in the truth brings freedom from an eternity in hell and freedom from worrying about imaginary illnesses.
The young woman moved out of GODTEL a few days after the doctor’s visit and I am concerned that she is refusing to believe the doctor’s good news. If so, she is living in misery as she believes a lie about her health. That is her choice. My prayer is that she will come to a place where she will wholeheartedly accept the truth about God because He has a way of pacifying our fears.
So, what is the truth about God?
He exists. There is a Supreme Being Who created all we see, Who is a rewarder of all who diligently seek Him and the supreme Judge Who decides our eternal destiny.
He made commandments we humans must follow to the letter if we are to make it to Heaven. Since man cannot live perfectly, God made a way for us to possess the perfection of His Son.
God constructed a human body for Himself and lived on this earth as man, John 1:14. God the Son was tested in every way we are, but never yielded to even one temptation to break God’s laws.
Jesus gave His perfect life as a sacrifice for our imperfect lives and offers us the gift of salvation from hell so we can spend eternity with Him in Heaven.
After being tried and convicted, crucified and buried, He returned to life, ascended into Heaven, promised to return, and is coming back.
Those facts are true. Some people choose to believe these facts and others do not. The facts do not become untrue because a person chooses to not believe the truth.

Nacogdoches Building Project

There are just a few finishing touches to be made to the building which will house our women’s dorm, the Christian Help Center, staff housing, and storage facilities. Most of the inspections have been completed and we will be able to move in as soon as the city gives us a certificate of occupancy. Joyous day.

Christmas Day Celebrations

What a wonderful commemoration of the birth of our Savior we experienced at each of our missions. Each of our residents received several pairs of socks, warm caps, scarves, toiletry items and “fun” stuff in their Christmas stockings (made special by a long-time GODTEL supporter) and gift bags.
The Lufkin mission served their traditional Brunch at 10:00 a.m. following a devotion and prayer. They fed a fabulous breakfast to over 40 people. The Nacogdoches mission had around 70 individuals enjoying a noon meal which was once again topped off with pies made by Pat, the “Pie Lady.” The Livingston mission celebrated at 4:00 p.m. with 40 individuals enjoying the meal and festivities.
Our sincere thanks to each individual and business who donated items to brighten our meals. The volunteers who helped fill the stockings and prepare, set up, and serve the meals are also deeply appreciated. Your presence helped make the day extra special and we are very grateful. May God bless you for your service to Him here at GODTEL.

It Takes More than a Hat…

Bro. June’s latest album is out at last. It has been in the works for years and features songs written and performed by Bro. June.
The title song, “It Takes More Than a Hat to Be a Cowboy,” was written at First Lakeview Church in Volente, TX overlooking Lake Travis. The Pastor heard June working on it Sunday before the church service and asked us to sing it that morning—so we did. Let us know if you would like a copy.

— — —

May you have a Blessed New Year

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