Malachi 3:10 — God’s Promise Fulfilled Again – November 2017

For over a year, June’s youngest brother, Richard, has been the Interim Director of the Nacogdoches mission and has done quite an admirable job. This past month however, he expressed a desire to limit his ministry at GODTEL to maintenance of the buildings and grounds. I must say that he truly excels at all sorts of engineering, constructing, and repairing projects and we are very glad he is here. He has helped out with the building project on many occasions during construction. (His assistant, Ricky Jackson, is doing a great job keeping the grounds mowed and trimmed.)
Board of Directors’ member, Mike Lahr, and his wife Kathleen (my office assistant for the past eight months), have agreed to assume the duties of Mission Directors. Please remember to pray for us all as we fulfill our calling to the various parts of the body of Christ and the body of GODTEL.

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

One morning in Bible study we had a three-year-old boy, Isaac, and a two-year-old boy, Packard, in attendance with their single parents. At one point, Isaac noticed that Packard, who was being a little fussy, did not have a Bible. Isaac got up from his seat, went to the bookshelf where the Gideon-donated Bibles were, got one and took it to him. Packard was happy and quiet thereafter. A little later, Isaac noticed that one of our adult residents did not have a Bible in front of him, so he got up again and took a Bible to him.
God’s Word is our Creator’s complete word to man. It is the truth about God and man, the past and the future, heaven and hell, and contains the plan of salvation from eternal damnation. It is a lamp to our feet and a light to our pathway (Psalm 119:105) and if we read it and use it, we are much less likely to stumble in the spiritual darkness that pervades our land.
There is no way we can please God apart from faith (Hebrews 11:6). Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). If we do not read, hear, or study the Bible, we can be easily deceived by Satan, self (our wicked hearts), the world, and the pleasures of sin.

Miss Mary Moves Away

Mary came to the Nacogdoches mission in May of this year and quickly got a job at Brookshire Brothers Grocery Store. She donated weekly to GODTEL to help defray the cost of her upkeep and in August she agreed to be in charge of our women’s dorm. After four months of saving up, she was able to get her own apartment and the second week of October, moved out of GODTEL. We do wish her well. Her sweet, quiet nature and ready smile will be missed.

Another Soldier Laid to Rest

For years, Jackie Haley has volunteered to run GODTEL’s Christian Help Center where we give away clothing, furniture, and household items to those in need. Her husband, Charles, died on October 11, after a painful battle with cancer. He had been a medic in Viet Nam during the “war” there and, partially as a result of that, has had health issues for years. Please keep Jackie and her family in your prayers.

Say Hello to Cameron

Cameron has stayed at our Nacogdoches mission several times and has always been willing to help us wherever he could. He has a charming smile and is musically talented. He has regular chores at the mission and has been helping in the Christian Help Center while Jackie has been caring for her husband. We asked if we could take his picture the day we took Mary’s and he agreed.

Bountiful Canned Food Drive

KTRE-TV sponsored a canned-food drive on opening night at the Nacogdoches County fair. GODTEL was one of the charities who benefitted from the proceeds. Many thanks to KTRE and the volunteers who worked with them.

“Showers” of Blessing

The outpouring of love and concern expressed in a practical manner following Hurricane Harvey has been amazing and wonderful. Each of our three missions has gratefully received donations to help house and feed the evacuees that came to us.
Two men drove from Bullhead City, Arizona to Livingston with a truck and trailer full of water, food, cleaning supplies, etc.
Most recently, the Scenic Loop Fire Department brought another large donation which our residents cheerfully helped unload. These items had come to them from the Seal Beach Yacht Club in California. These items were greatly-appreciated. As we thank God for our blessings, we pray for all who have suffered loss.

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