Nacogdoches/Livingston – May 2017

So Many to Thank, So Much to Be Thankful For

        Our hearts are full of praise and thanksgiving. God is so-o-o very good … all the time. We are blessed at each of our mission locations by individuals, churches, Sunday school classes, various civic groups, public-school classes, and businesses who take the time to provide and serve meals; bring canned goods, staple foods, needed towels, sheets, clothing, household items, etc. In addition, we greatly appreciate our faithful supporters who send monthly financial contributions to help meet our operating expenses. There are times when the expenses are greater than usual and God impresses a regular donor to give more than their “normal” amount, or an intermittent donor to send just what we need to end the month in the black. Praise His Name!

In Nacogdoches, we have a variety of campus groups from Stephen F. Austin University which volunteer in various ways. Recently, the Impact group had a rally at a park to learn more about the homeless and express their youthful, enthusiastic support for GODTEL. Mike Lahr, one of our Board members, and Kathleen Smith-Parram, my office assistant, were guests at the rally to speak to the group about GODTEL and the work we do with the homeless. It was an encouraging and enjoyable afternoon and we are thankful for the food, clothing, and money they collected. We pray that God will guide and bless these young people throughout their lives.

We are very grateful to Kroger Co. for their yearly Souper Bowl of Caring event during which people can purchase pre-bagged food items and/or make a monetary contribution. This year the proceeds totaled almost $15,000 which went into the building fund for the women’s dorm.

There are just too many people who help us get this job done to try and list the names of everyone, but God knows who you are and we pray He will bless you. Thank you.

The photo, below left, is of a morning Bible study led by Brother June at the Nacogdoches mission. (The large banner is a quote of Acts 17:26, “He hath made of one blood all nations of men.”) The photo on the right is the same scene but taken through the serving window from inside the kitchen and shows four trays of delicious donuts and other pastries (donated by Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks) waiting to be served with breakfast. The picture on the back side of this page is a view from my Nacogdoches office, looking toward the main building and staff house which is serving as our women’s dorm and Christian Help Center.

Finally, just FYI, Bro. June is working on a two-disc Gospel music album which includes 28 songs written by a variety of composers. We are busily obtaining the required licenses prior to duplication.

Nancy Gentry

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