Lufkin – March 2017

Come now, and let us reason together,” says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”   Isaiah 1:18

So You’ll Know:

February 2017

1st-22 people

28th-18 people

Total helped-57 people

Praise the Lord!


New jobs-0

Part time-2

Still working-4

Praise the Lord!

New adventures. Old adventures. This short month was packed with plenty of folks and stories to fill 31 days.

     Laura and her daughters checked in “way back” in September of last year. The girls attended school and Laura worked. With saved money and her tax refund she and the girls moved out to a house in the Hudson area. Laura’s face was one big smile as she moved her belongings from the dorm to her car. It is exciting to see the success of someone reaching their goal. We praise God for this accomplishment and ask for continued prayers for this family.

It was Sunday morning. It was 6:30 am Sunday morning. Martin’s phone rang. Joseph was on the line with news of an overflowing water heater. We do not know when the leak occurred but we do know that there was water everywhere. It was not the easy flow of a river or the quiet lapping of a lake. It was the stomach-turning news of extra work and water damage ahead for the director that day.

The water was turned off at the heater. Martin did the Sunday morning Bible study and breakfast. Then he went to church and taught Sunday school. We came home and he was able to assess the situation. We decided on paper plate meals for the day’s meals.

Early Monday morning Martin headed to the plumbing store and purchased a new heater. The old heater came out and the new one was installed and in use by noon that day. Another crisis resolved. Thank you, Lord.

February saw the beginning of several “make over” projects. The big one is the makeover of our kitchen. Let me tell you…the original kitchen is 20 years old this year. With the opening of the shiny new mission in Nacogdoches we got the fixit bug. Martin went on-line and searched the world wide web for new kitchen “stuff”. We started at the big kitchen sink. The wood cabinets that were on either side came down-top and bottom. Shiny new stainless tables with shelves were put in their place.

The island cabinets, both sides, were taken out and rolling cabinets with drawers and cabinets and a wood top were put in their place. Two new free standing sinks have pushed the old out of their spots. A tall cabinet unit is standing on the right side of the stove. Floor tiles have been put down where the built in cabinets were removed. More carts with wheels have been seen all around the kitchen not quite knowing where they want to park.

The most exciting replacement is the big, new commercial refrigerator. God is so good. GODTEL has been blessed to receive an abundance gift from a local church. The refrigerator was purchased by the church and delivered by the company and set up ready to use in an hour. We waited until the next day to actually empty the other refrigerators. You know-we had to arrange and rearrange for optimum efficiency. And we still had room!

There is more to get done in the kitchen. And we will-one day at a time.

Rooms 5 and 6 in the women’s dorm are waiting their turn to get spruced up. There was a half bathroom between these two rooms. We have had the door locked and blocked so it would not be used. We have not used or needed it for years. It was time to make the decision of opening it or getting rid of it. The decision was to get rid of the bathroom. The tearing down of walls was next. This has made the rooms bigger. Since it is used mostly for mothers and children this was a good plan. The sink and toilet were carefully removed. Pipes were removed or capped off. New sheetrock was put up to separate the rooms once again.

Now the walls wait for taping and floating with fresh coats of paint to follow. The rooms are usable and have had a few residents even without the new paint. So come by and see what’s new and happening at the top of the hill on Moody Street.

The short month did not short us on the guest cooks. Meals served included pizza, spaghetti, hamburgers, and a delicious Mexican casserole.

Because of Him we serve,

Mary and Martin Baker


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