Lufkin – September 2016


“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely…”

August-unusually high rain amounts. August-unusually low temperatures for a summer month.

So You’ll Know:

August 2016

1st-16 people

31st-18 people

Total helped-60 people

Praise the Lord!


New jobs-8

Still working-0

Praise the Lord, anyway.

“…whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy-

meditate on these things.”   Philippians 4:8

Innocent or Guilty-what say you, the Jury? My day was not that exciting or dramatic.

My first day of August was spent at the Angelina County Courthouse. Three juries needed to be picked from the jury pool. I was not selected for any of the cases presented to us that day.

As we climbed the stairs and entered the doors of the courthouse we had to remove all metal from our pockets and go through the metal detectors. Up the stairs and into the courtroom we went. This was Judge Paul White’s Courtroom. The whole day-the whole process-was totally interesting to me. It was like having a refresher course of high school government. I was glad I went-no warrants coming to my door.

Congratulations to Christi. She has worked and earned her way back to “licensed driver status”.

Way to go, ladies! We have eggs. Home grown eggs. So far the most one day count has been 9 eggs. Most of them have been put in the frying pan and eaten and yielded big smiles on the director’s face. The residents are waiting for the egg production to increase so they can cluck and flap their wings after a delicious scrambled egg meal.

~Their summer of discontent~

This summer we had quite a few of the younger generation residing at GODTEL. Even with major layoffs there is still employment to be had in Lufkin. Young and healthy, physically able to work folks, but… somehow days turned into weeks and these young adults still had no jobs.

The hot and humid days continued. Instead of looking for work many of the folks headed to the parks and water parks. They skipped meals. They did not volunteer for chores. And the smoke deck was flooded with griping and complaining. All the while Dolores was faithful to go to the kitchen every day and prepare meals to feed the residents. Dan and Christi shared laundry duty washing their clothes twice a week.

August arrived. Some of these young people were given a time frame to get a job. A few did. Some were asked to leave for breaking the rules. And some left because there was no one to pull into the “discontent” gang. It is a constant battle we have with the enemy-not to be sucked into the world of griping, complaining and not being thankful for what we have.

~Funny but true~

One of the main complainers comes back to GODTEL to eat meals. I praise God that He loves me and that I love Him and I can turn around and serve a plate of food to this young man with a smile on my face and peace in my heart.

Two women, at different times of the month, checked in with plans to go to drug rehab. Vicky has been here several times with a desire to get out of the cycle of addiction. She has, also, been to rehab a few times. Two places could not accept her for other health reasons. One place was willing to take her but it would be a week or two. As that day got closer and closer there was, on her part, another delay in her departure. She started acting suspicious. We had to test her for drug use. She was positive. She had to leave.

Trisha came from Kirbyville. A sheriff’s deputy brought her. She, too, was tired of living the life of an addict. She had no prior experience at a drug rehab facility. Christi worked with her. They made calls to ADAC (Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council). A case worker there set up an intake interview time. After that meeting the caseworker made calls to various places. And soon she was headed for help. Please pray for both these girls. Our hearts truly go out to them. We know Jesus is THE life changer. And we know that He uses different means to do that.

Dora and her son, Eli, got here late July. He celebrated his first birthday while living here. Dora said she planned on getting a job. She would leave in the morning and return for lunch and an afternoon nap for Eli. She felt like she had to have a perfectly quiet child in Bible study. We know children that age want to move and ”talk”-we understand. But her concern got the better of her and she started to complain. She became a part of the group I talked about earlier. She would let other residents hold her child. She became less attentive to him. She would leave early, miss the meals and make it back just in time for evening Bible Study. One morning she left in the middle of Bible Study. She went upstairs to the dorm. She was told to return or move out. She moved out.

Broken people. Hurting people. Angry people. Discontented people. Disobedient people. Weak people. Redeemed people. Forgiven people. We all need the Lord.

We are not discontented. BUT we are VERY contented to say thank you to you, our supporters. We are still here serving the Lord and ministering to the souls God sends through our doors. We appreciate your partnership with us.

The school year has started. Pray for our teachers, bus drivers, school administration, cafeteria workers-all pieces of the public education process. And, most of all, the students.

August birthdays include: Greta, Bro. June, Paula, Doug, Paul, Peggy

Because of Him we serve,

Martin and Mary Baker

Stay cool. Stay in the Word.




Nacogdoches/Livingston – September 2016


Lost and Found

Family Visit

      The third week of August our daughter Joann and her two children, Isaac—six years old, and Annalee—two-and-a-half, came from Tacoma, WA for a visit. Joann wanted to take some pictures of the Nacogdoches mission before we sold it (or she would never have faced the sweltering heat of August in Texas). I praise God for answering my prayer that the heat spell would be broken during her visit. He was so merciful to send showers and unseasonably cooler temperatures that we did not complain that our outdoor plans had to be cancelled.

After a wonderful week of visiting we drove to the Houston airport (IAH). June dropped me and the “kiddos” off at the passenger departure/check-in entrance to Terminal A and left to park the truck. He then made his way, via a tram, back to Terminal A where he waited in the main lobby while I waited at the gate with Joann, Isaac (a sweetheart who is well prepared for first grade), and Annalee (an adorable and articulate little girl with a BIG vocabulary). After the boarding call came and I received hugs and kisses from those dears who were departing, I made my way through the crowded terminal to where June was patiently waiting for me (while entertaining some of the airport personnel).

As we walked toward the escalator, I asked where June had parked the truck. He knew exactly where it was from the front entrance of the terminal but he did not know exactly how to get there unless we walked down the road he had driven on. An officer told us we would not be allowed to walk along the road so we entered the Terminal A parking garage which did not look at all familiar. A helpful employee tried to determine where he had parked by asking many questions and getting advice from two other employees. There were suggestions that he had parked in either “B” parking, or “C” parking, or the employee lot, or the police lot, but from their descriptions and June’s information they kept coming up blank. When June kept insisting that he could retrace his route if he could just get on the road leading away from the terminal, they called for a customer courtesy vehicle to try and find the truck.

Bro. June was a man of his word and in fewer than two minutes we were at the lot where he had parked. Following the overhead signs directing him to “A” parking, he had inadvertently turned left a block early and wound up in a hotel parking lot. He was so very glad to have found the “lost” truck that he gladly paid the $12.00 for the two hours the truck had been there.

I was blessed by how helpful the airport employees were and found myself wondering how accommodating we Christians really are in helping the lost find Jesus. They don’t even know He is The Way to get to where they really want to be. I know we sometimes have the right words but do our actions match our message? I pray that all who call themselves Christians, will obey James 1:22 and be doers of God’s Word, not just hearers who go around preaching at and condemning others.

Nacogdoches Relocation

Though we have had a few delays, it looks like we will be moving to the new property by the end of September. Providing the sale of the Old Redland Hotel, which has been housing GODTEL and the homeless and poor people we serve in the Name of Jesus Christ since 1977, goes through as planned. We will then begin construction of the women’s dormitory which will also house our Christian Help Center where we give away clothing, furniture and other household items. The praise, thanks, and glory go to our great and loving Creator and soon-returning, all-powerful Ruler of the Universe.

We do not make a practice of talking about money matters except when it comes to the building/relocation project. We do want to assure our donors, though, that the contributions they send to care for the needs of the poor and homeless are used for that purpose, paying the utility bills, phone bills, buying food and supplies, making repairs to plumbing, and salaries.

The money spent on the relocation project are funds that people have earmarked for that purpose or the donor has indicated that they would like the money to go where we need it most.

We are telling you this because lately the operating accounts have had very low balances. Just to be sure you understand, we are not building and relocating because we have extra money, but because there are caring individuals who have given above and beyond their regular donations to enable us to minister to more people in a more efficient way.

God is faithful because the few times we have gone into the “red” in our operating accounts did not last long and we have not been late paying anything owed but salaries.

Want to Talk About Jesus?

Each of our shelters holds two Bible studies daily at 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. We currently have openings in both Nacogdoches and Livingston for men to lead a 15-20 minute devotion, so, if you believe in the inerrancy of the Holy Scripture and that Jesus is God, have a Christian testimony to share, and are willing to tell others what God has done in your life, give us a call. We may be able to give you a time to serve the Lord at GODTEL.

Nancy Gentry


Lufkin – August 2016

”I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever: with my mouth will I make known

thy faithfulness to all generations.”   Psalm 89:1


     July-hot-hotter-hottest. God’s grace-ABOVE AND BEYOND! Hot-hotter-hottest-August. And still God’s grace continues.

So You’ll Know:
July 2016

1st-16 people

31st-16 people

Total helped-40 people

Praise the Lord!


New jobs-2

Still working-3

Praise the Lord!

“For I have said, Mercy shall be built up for ever; thy faithfulness shalt thou establish in the very heavens.”

Psalm 89:2

The July heat did not stop the Lord’s work at GODTEL and all the credit is God’s, that’s for sure.

     The month started with guest cooks from First Assembly of God Church. The Spanish youth did it again!. They planned and prepared another delicious, mouth watering Mexican meal. The barbeque sandwiches were not far behind. We ate hamburgers and pizza and chicken fajitas and more chicken and pizza. Thank you to our guest cooks who supplied these “take-in” meals.

     Just before Bible study on Monday night Christi came from her apartment. She said there was water on the floor. Martin quickly headed to Dolores’ and Christi’s place. Sure enough-water was everywhere. The hot water heater had sprung a leak. He grabbed some help to try to turn off the hot water valve. It was too hard to get to. Martin had to turn the water off at the meter until after Bible study.

     Bible study ended a little bit earlier than usual and Bro. June and Martin went back to the heater crisis. It took a lot of muscle and groaning but the guys finally pulled the hot water heater out of the apartment. Martin could then reach the turn off valve and shut the hot water off to the apartment. Then he turned the water back on at the meter-making the women happy that they could take their night time showers and flush the toilets.

     Bright and early Tuesday morning Martin headed to Lowe’s and purchased another heater. Martin and the guys were installing it only to find that the new heater was damaged. Martin went back to the store to exchange it. Then there was some “connecting” problems to work out. A trip to Oliver Plumbing solved that problem. The story does have a happy ending-Dolores and Christi had hot and cold running water by the end of the day. Praise the Lord.

     It was early Sunday morning. Martin got up and was heading to Shipley’s Donuts when he saw glass on the ground in front of our office window. He walked over to investigate and sure enough someone had broken the window. God is good. The windows in our office building are double glass. Only the outside piece of glass was shattered. How neat is that?!

     Angelina Glass was called and the men came and took measurements. The glass had to be ordered so we put a piece of cardboard up until the men could come back to install the new glass. For a few days my office seemed darker but I am back in the light now.

     The police were called. We gave them names of possible suspects (disgruntled former residents). We will probably never know who broke our window. I am thankful that they did not get through the second layer of glass and nothing was stolen. God is in control.

     July was not all bad news. Martin and I got to have time with our Nederland grandchildren. It was a Tuesday afternoon when we drove south. We stayed the night with our son and his family. Paul left early to a Bible study. Then we roused Kristen and Blaine from their sleep and headed towards the San Jacinto Monument about 7:30 am. After some minor navigational glitches we arrived at the Lynchburg Ferry. We loaded onto the ferry and rode across to the monument area. We boarded and toured the USS Battleship Texas first. I know it is not the biggest ship, but it is pretty big. I would encourage you to take a trip to see the ship. It bares the name Texas, but it has been all over the world and been involved in many historical events.

     We then headed to the San Jacinto Monument. Whether you are native born or transplanted “Texan” it is a must to check out our amazing and colorful state history. The park area is shady and pretty. Plenty of trees and picnic tables to enjoy. And, of course, there is the gift store. Temptation like you wouldn’t believe. We drove home to Lufkin-Blaine, Kristen, Martin and myself.

     The fun did not stop there. Friday and Saturday we were invited to a friend’s place up toward Rusk. They have a cabin and a pond filled with fish. Martin, Blaine and I did some fish catchin’. Our hosts prepared and served us three yummy meals. One of them was the fish that we caught ourselves. Poor Kristen was inside with an allergy attack. But she got to watch us pull in the fish. I don’t think she thought she was missing much. We left with tired bodies and smiles on our faces.

     Alas-all good times come to an end. Our son, Paul, came in early Sunday morning. After church we had a taco lunch and the child and grandchildren left for home and another full week of vacation activities ahead of them.

     When we started the month of July, Martin and I had three beautiful and perfect grandchildren. By the end of the first week of July, we had four beautiful and perfect grandchildren. Lauren Renee joined our family July 7, 2016. We made a quick visit down to see her. She looks like her older sister. And she is beautiful and perfect.

Thank you for your beautiful and perfect support.

   Happy BIRTHday, Lauren

   Happy Birthday, Kristen

   Happy Birthday, Amanda


Stay cool. Stay in the Word.

Because of Him we serve,

Martin and Mary Baker




Nacogdoches/Livingston – August 2016


Fans from “Fans”

Much to be Thankful For

        A call from Crown Health Services came in to the Livingston mission one day in May. “Could you use some electric fans?” the caller asked, adding that they appreciated the service we provide to the poor and wanted to help.

        Since we do not have air conditioning in the mission (or in our home), the grateful answer was in the affirmative.

On June 30, the fans arrived, loaded in the back of an ambulance. Pictures were taken as the fans were unloaded, thanks were given and the fans were very quickly put into service helping our residents and staff “keep their cool.”

We are very grateful, not only for this donation, but for every gift given to help us minister to the poor, needy, and homeless individuals God sends our way. Most of the people we serve would not come to hear us proclaim the truth about God’s love and mercy offered to them during their stay on planet Earth, but they will come for the food, clothing, shelter, and the household items we give away freely. While here, we present them with the truths of God’s Word, hoping they will come to accept His forgiveness and the eternal, abundant life He offers to “whosoever will.”

The individuals who come and spend time in our “sweat box” of a kitchen to prepare and serve special meals to our residents are truly saints, at least by our estimation. We pray that God will bless them abundantly for their selfless service to the homeless in the name of our Lord Jesus.

Nacogdoches Relocation

Just like the return of Jesus Christ, moving day for the Nacogdoches mission is getting closer and closer. We can see the “signs” of the times and our anticipation is growing. We had hoped to be able to move in sometime in August but it now looks like it will not be until September. (And, if Jesus returns during this next Feast of Trumpets, which begins on October 3rd, we won’t get to enjoy the new facilities for very long BUT we will be relocated to the perfection of Heaven and won’t mind in the least.)

Sale of Nacogdoches Building

Last month I reported that we had a contract to sell GODTEL’s downtown property. At this writing, the property has been put back on the market because the would-be purchaser decided it was not feasible for him to pay what we are asking ($400,000). He did offer to pay a lower figure but we believe we are asking what God intends for us to sell the property for, so we will hold out for that amount.

There are three other interested parties and the first one who will pay “the price” will own the historic Redland Hotel. In the early days, before GODTEL purchased the hotel in 1977, it welcomed such distinguished guests as William Jennings Bryant, who made a speech from the balcony, and the Marx Brothers.

As soon as the building is sold, we will have enough to begin construction of the women’s dormitory out at the new property. You are welcome to stop in at 1902 Douglass Highway and see the progress that’s been made.

Creation vs. Evolution

The series continues in our newsletter inserts on the scientific evidences of Creation (intelligent design). We hope you find them informative and helpful. If you have any questions concerning this topic, please give us a call or contact us via mail or e-mail.

Team Member Changes

We have added new team members both in Livingston and in Nacogdoches. Our groundskeeper in Livingston moved away on July 1st and by the end of the day, Greg Berg had agreed to do that job. He even worked on July the 4th getting mowing and edging done. (See below.)

In Nacogdoches, Michael Lahr has “handed the baton off” to Louis Rodriquez who is now making the early morning pickups of donuts and pastries from Dunkin’ Donuts, Shipley’s Donuts, and Starbucks. Louis also picks up food from KFC (vegetables and chicken), feeds the goats out at the “new” property, and assists Richard, our mission manager, with various tasks like mowing, digging ditches, etc. Richard still makes the run to the South Street Brookshire Bros. for donated items, and in a team effort, June, Nancy, and Mike pick up donated items from Kroger grocery stores.

Mike still has plenty to do—especially when Bro. June is in Nacogdoches three days a week!

We welcome our new team members and thank God for each person who works with us helping meet the needs of the poor. God bless you all.

Nancy Gentry

Nacogdoches/Livingston – July 2016


So Much to Do, So Little Time

The Patience of Job

       I do not know if it is because we just concluded a study of the book of Job that I am being tested, but this past month has had many more than the usual number of trials and “hic-cups” in my life. The car in which I ran errands for GODTEL was totaled, so I have been driving a large pick-up truck with stick shift (lots of exercise) (at least other drivers can see, and hear, me coming). The computer we use to record our accounting crashed and the accounting program on one of our other computers developed some kind of error and will not accept updates. Hopefully, I will be able to resolve that problem soon. I am, oh, so very thankful I had the same program on a computer I quit using last year (when Windows XP was no longer being supported). We also had a backup on a flash drive. It pays to save backup copies and to have the accounting program on more than one computer.

I am reminded of a story about the devil and Jesus having a timed contest using computers. They were rapidly entering data and performing calculations when, right at the last minute, God “pulled the plug” and the computers went down. When the power came back on, the devil had lost all his data but the data entered by Jesus was intact. Satan cried, “Foul! Foul!” and demanded to know why there was a difference.

The answer is simple, “Jesus saves.” I am so glad Jesus offers salvation to “whosoever will” and I am eternally grateful that, as undeserving as I am, He has given me His eternal life, redeeming me from an eternity of suffering in hell. His presence within me supplies me with peace, joy, love, power, guidance, and protection. He leads me to victory as long as I choose to die to my selfish desires and, instead, choose to make myself do what God has instructed in the Bible.

We would appreciate it if you would keep GODTEL’s staff and residents at all three of our missions in your prayers.

Ladies’ Bible Study


In our Livingston Friday Ladies’ Bible Study, we are studying Creation vs. Evolution. We have just completed answering the question, “Is evolution a religion?” Actually, it is, and it takes great faith to trust in it. Unfortunately, it is blind faith and the adherents will wind up in a very deep fiery ditch called hell where they will suffer bitter regrets throughout eternity, while those whose faith is in the truth, who trust Jesus and what is written in the Holy Scriptures (doers of the Word) will forever enjoy the pleasures of Heaven.

Looking Ahead to the

Feast of Trumpets


The fall feasts will be here before we know it. This year The Feast of Trumpets will begin on October 3rd. Those of you who have been reading our newsletters for awhile, will remember that I have chosen to believe that Jesus will be fulfilling the celebration of that feast with His return. Maybe not this year, but as bad as things are in this world, it looks to me like He will be coming again — very soon.

Creation vs. Evolution

This month, we continue the series in our newsletter inserts on the scientific evidences of special creation, or intelligent design. We hope you find them informative and helpful.

Too many people are choosing to believe the hype evolutionists are espousing and are content to believe a lie because it is comforting. When Jesus does return, the comfort of the unbeliever will end abruptly and the discomfort of obedient Christians will turn into eternal pleasure. Our son, Josiah, read the following and quoted it to me, “Life on planet Earth is the only Heaven unrepentant sinners will ever know, and it is the only hell genuine Christians will ever know.” Interesting thought.

Many Thanks


At GODTEL, we really like to eat. (No surprise there.) Our residents do not always like what is prepared for them, but they must admit, since the meals are served at no cost to them, the price is right. We are extremely thankful to the individuals, churches, and businesses who “put on their aprons,” roll up their sleeves, and use their time and talents to prepare and serve meals at each of GODTEL’s three shelters. It is a blessing to our staff and residents — and our cooks certainly appreciate this practical expression of God’s love in action.

In Livingston we were blessed recently with several pans of freshly baked cinnamon rolls from Camp Cho-Yeh the Presbyterian Church camp just up the road from our mission. Another day, we got a call from one of the members of Barnum Baptist Church (they bring a group and feed us regularly). She told the cook, Miss Benita, that, knowing how hot the kitchen is, she was going to bring pizza and watermelon for supper that night. There were smiles all around. I pray that God will abundantly bless each one of you who displays your love for Jesus by giving, in whatever manner, to help minister to the poor.

One hot afternoon while a large donation was being sorted in front of the Livingston mission, a woman came to donate some clothes and was given a doggie bed from our free-shed. Her child was delighted that her doggie would have a bed. They left, but soon came back with cold drinks for our workers to show their appreciation and concern. We were truly blessed.

Busy Office

To our regular duties of counseling, answering phones, writing to prisoners, paying bills, keeping up with the accounting, making needed copies, and printing Sunday bulletins, add the following: working with the accountant who is conducting our annual audit, completing application to the United Way for funding for next year and completing their mid-year report for 2016, dealing with the insurance company about the wrecked car, preparation of the Q-2 sales tax, newsletters with inserts, and receipts and you will know why we work from early to late.

Sale of Nacogdoches Building

Last, but not least, we rejoice to report that a contract of sale has been signed, selling all of GODTEL’s downtown property at our original asking price! Thanks to God! Now begins a 30-day feasibility study and if all goes well, we will sign the closing paperwork on August 21st. Please pray with us that this sale goes through so we can start building the women’s dorm.

Nancy Gentry